Development Land Appraisal

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A development land appraisal is carried out to determine the buildability and financial viability of your development land.

Development land appraisal for a single property

If you have found the perfect development land to build your dream house on and require a cost appraisal to forecast the required amount of funds needed we can help.

If the plot of development land does not have any planning consent we can arrange for plans to be produced to suit your design and the locality of the plot of development land, we can then submit the planning applications on your behalf.

Development land appraisal for multiple properties on a plot

When there is the capacity to construct multiple properties on a plot of land, your options are greater. For example, you can divide the plot and sell off subplots, and this can be done with or without planning consent.

If you are considering a plot of land that already has planning consent for a number of dwellings or one large dwelling, or the plot, and options to add more dwellings could make for a more viable proposition.

Development land appraisal for land without planning

If you are an owner of a parcel of land that may have the potential to gain planning consent, we can assist on an option basis. The arrangement for an option agreement will be formulated on an individual basis.

We can develop a service to suit the requirements of your business.

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Development Land Appraisal
Development Land Appraisal
Development Land Appraisal